Focused on providing excellent customer service, Kinsen offers innovative and high quality services designed to meet its customers’ different needs and also to satisfy the most demanding drivers. Combining the youngest fleet consisting of various vehicle types with an active presence in airports and popular tourist destinations in Greece, it is the best choice for Car Hire Services.

Our services include:

Car Rental

Choose the right car for your needs, your travel destination, and take your trip at a price that only Kinsen brands can offer

Van Rental

Quick and easy, rent from one hour up to a year! For both corporate and private customers, on the condition they have an amateur driving license For individuals and professionals With a simple amateur license.

Eco friendly fleet

Explore our fleet, book a vehicle for one day up to as long as you like and drive a virtually silent car exuding style with innovative design.

Corporate leasing

We cover car rental needs for companies with consistency, speed and continual support